Fabulous Wedding Venues in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex

Extravoganza has served many event and wedding venues throught Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. Ranging from small to large party functions.

Please select one of our wedding venues from the list to your right, I have added some pictures I have taken of various weddings I have dressed.

Each venue lisited I am their SOLE RECOMMENDED Chair cover supplier.  This means that I have worked with them closely for many years, understand how the venues work, my quality and my standard of my work is exceptional and the venue like working with me as they know and trust me.

At the end of the day you the Bride and Groom have choice but as I have heard from many venues there are different qualities in chair covers and yes they have seen them.  Not only the product but the service and so on.  I have heard some terror stories from venues where other companies have brought covers in and they have not fitted to oversized and poor fitting covers and badly put on sashes and even fellow photographers have emailed them to me!  Each of my cotton covers have been handmade by my seamstress to ensure each cover fits perfectly, even the lycra stretch cover has different sizes so not every stretch cover fits properly with out knowing the chair and which one fits.

Within the years of working in the industry I have learnt of two suppliers that have not turned up to a wedding, so there is a reason for trusted recommended suppliers and who else to be better recommended by than a venue.  What I would say is delegate a friend to call all your suppliers the week begining of your wedding to check that everyone knows what they are doing if they are good suppliers they/ we should not mind, also make sure your venue knows all your suppliers and their contact details!


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